Richard Warren, Pilgrim-Mayflower

Male Bef 1575 - 1628  (> 53 years)

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  • Name Richard Warren 
    Suffix Pilgrim-Mayflower 
    Born Bef 1575  London, England Find all individuals with events at this location 
    Died 1628  Plymouth Colony, Massachusetts Find all individuals with events at this location 
    Buried 1627/8  Plymouth Colony, Massachusetts Find all individuals with events at this location 
    Christened 17 May 1881  SGEOR Find all individuals with events at this location 
    Gender Male 
    Person ID I3495  32 Generations
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    Father Christopher Warren,   b. Abt 1560, Headbury, Ashburton, Devon, England Find all individuals with events at this location,   d. 7 Dec 1587  (Age ~ 27 years) 
    Mother Alice Webb,   b. 1560, Sidnam, Devon, England Find all individuals with events at this location,   d. Yes, date unknown 
    Married 1579  Kent, England Find all individuals with events at this location 
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    Family Elizabeth Walker,   b. 1583, Baldock, Hertfordshire, England Find all individuals with events at this location,   d. 2 Oct 1673, Hingham, Norfolk Co., Massachusetts Find all individuals with events at this location  (Age 90 years) 
    Married 1605  London, England Find all individuals with events at this location 
     1. Anna Warren,   b. Abt 1612, <, , , England> Find all individuals with events at this location,   d. 19 Feb 1674/5, Marshfield, Plymouth, Massachusetts Find all individuals with events at this location  (Age ~ 63 years)
     2. Mary Warren, Pilgrim "The Anne",   b. Abt 1610,   d. 3 Jul 1676, Plymouth Colony, Massachusetts Find all individuals with events at this location  (Age ~ 66 years)
     3. Nathaniel Warren,   b. 1624/5, Plymouth Colony, Massachusetts Find all individuals with events at this location,   d. 1667, Plymouth Colony, Massachusetts Find all individuals with events at this location  (Age 42 years)
     4. Sarah Warren,   b. Abt 1614, England Find all individuals with events at this location,   d. Aft 15 Jul 1696  (Age ~ 82 years)
     5. Abigail Warren,   b. Abt 1618, England Find all individuals with events at this location,   d. Aft 3 Jan 1692/3, Marshfield, Plymouth, Massachusetts Find all individuals with events at this location  (Age ~ 75 years)
     6. Joseph Warren,   b. 22 Mar 1626/7, Plymouth Colony, Massachusetts Find all individuals with events at this location,   d. 4 May 1689, Plymouth Colony, Massachusetts Find all individuals with events at this location  (Age 62 years)
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  • Notes 

    • ! "Mayflower" 1620
      Richard Warren (Source Chrisman Pedigree - Internet)
      Father: Christopher Warren Mother: Alice Webb
      Birth: BEF 1575 London,England Death: 1628 Plymouth,Massachusetts
      Notes: !On the Mayflower., over 45, married at the time. !Occupation: Farmer. !Source: "T h e May-Flower & Her Log" (a book). Information from Seymour Paul (originally from Don Abbot t , Southern California Genealogical Society): Richard Warren of London, England; merchant , " a useful instrument". Member of exploration parties along Cape Cod; Probably Assistan t Go vernor 1624-8. The 12th signer of the Mayflower Compact. Married Elizabeth Jouett Mars h in 16 05 in London, England. Born 1580 to Christopher Warren and Alice Webb. Elizabeth Joue tt Mars h was born 1583 and died 1673. An article, "Richard Warren and his Descendants" appe aring i n MD 3:45-51 covers all known records of him and his wife Elizabeth. Also a booklet p ublishe d by the Mayflower Society covers him and his descendants to 4 generations. Little i s known a bout Richard Warren, owing most probably to his death so shortly after settling i n Plymouth . His wife Elizabeth was quite prominent in the colony afterwards. The only provab ly known so urce for his place of origin (according to [MD 3:45-6]) is from Mourt's Relations , where a sh ort quote on p.15 says he was "a Londoner".
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      Richard Warren's parents have not been identified. Therefore, he does not have any known o r p roven royal ancestry as often claimed. A report on some of the searches for Richard Warre n' s parents can be found in MQ 51:109+. His wife Elizabeth's maiden name is unknown--it i s no t Marsh, Evans, or Jewett, three commonly thrown around myths. Richard's wife Elizabet h cam e to America on the Anne, 1623, bringing their five daughters.
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      Richard Warren was from London and joined the Leyden Pilgrims in July, 1620, at Southampto n , whence the Mayflower and the Speedwell first set sail for America. He was married in Engl an d, before 1611, to Elizabeth-, whose maiden name is unknown, and had by her five daughters , M ary, Anna (born about 1612), Sarah, Elizabeth and Abigail, who were left in England and c am e to Plymouth with their mother in 1623. Nothing more is known of his life before he joine d t he Pilgrims on the Mayflower, and there are very few references to him in the Plymouth Co lon y records and the works of contemporary writers, doubtless owing to his early death in 16 28.B radford's History mentions him only in the list of the Mayflower passengers, + and includ es hi m among the few who were of enough importance to be distinguished by the title of "Mr. " Natha niel Morton, in the New England's Memorial, published at Cambridge, Mass., in 1669, w as the f irst to print the names of the forty-one men who signed the Compact in the cabin o f the Mayfl ower on Saturday, 11/21 November, 1620, and Richard Warren's name appears in thi s list.+ Th e following extract from Mourt's Relation contains the only reference yet found t o the plac e from which Richard Warren came. It also shows us that he was a member of the thi rd explorin g party sent out while the Mayflower lay at anchor in Cape Cod Harbor. This part y set out i n the shallop on Wednesday, 6/16 December, 1620, and after many hardships, includ ing a figh t with the Indians early Friday morning, landed at Plymouth on the following Monda y, 11/21 De cember, 1620.Wednesday the sixt of December, it was resolved our discoverers shou ld set forth , for the day before was too fowle weather, and so they did, though + Mayflower D escendant, 1 : 10, 24.+ Ibid., 1: 79. it was well ore the day ere all things could be readie : So ten of ou r men were appointed who were of themselves willing to undertake it, to wit, C aptaine Standis h, Maister Carver, William Bradford, Edward Winsloe, John Tilley, Edward Till ey, Iohn Houland , and three of London, Richard Warren, Steeven Hopkins and Edward Dotte, an d two of our Sea-m en, Iohn Alderton and Thomas English, of the Ships Company there went tw o of the Masters Mate s, Master Clarke and Master Copin, the Master Gunner, and three Saylers . The narration of whi ch Discovery, followes, penned by one of the Company. [Mourt's Relatio n, London, 1622, p. 15. ]
      "In the latter end of July," 1623, his wife and daughters arrived at Plymouth in the Anne, a n d in the Division of Land a few months later he received lots on "the north side of the tow ne " and "on the other side of the towne towards the eele-river." + In 1624 or 1625 his son Na tha niel was born at Plymouth,+and his second son, Joseph, must have been born there in 162 6 or e arly in 1627, as his name appears in the division of the cattle among the "Purchasers " who i n 1627 bought from the Adventurers all their rights in the Colony of New Plymouth . Ï In thi s division, which was made 22 May/1 June, 1627, "The ninth lot fell to Richard War ren & his c ompanie Joyned wth him." To this lot fell a black smooth horned heifer which cam e in the Jaco b, and two she goats The record of this division || contains the, earliest ment ion of the nam es of Richard's wife and children. The next year, 1628, he died at Plymouth, l eaving his wido w to care for a family of five daughters (four of whom were under seventeen) , and two sons un der four. Nathaniel Morton, in writing of the year 1628, speaks of his deat h as follows:Thi s year died Mr. Richard Warren, who hath been mentioned before in this Book , and was an usefu l Instrument; and during his life bare a deep share in the Difficulties an d Troubles of the f irst Settlement of the Plantation of New-Plimouth. [New England's Memoria l, p. 68.] There i s no account of the settlement of Richard Warren's estate, but the Colon y records contain abu ndant evidence that + Winslow, Good Newes from New England, London, 162 4, p. 51, and Mayflowe r Descendant, 1: 14, 228 - 230.
      + Mayflower Descendant, 11: 178, 179.Ï Bradford's History, folios 143, 144.|| Mayflower Desc e ndant, 1: 152. As a signer of the Compact. and as a member of the third exploring party. H i s widow was thoroughly competent to bring up the children and manage the property left t o he r care. She is first mentioned after her husband's death in a deed dated 28 September/ 8 Octo ber, 1629, in which Thomas Clarke sells to William Bradford land bounded on one side b y lan d of "widow Warren." [Plym. Col. Deeds, I: 32.] In the tax lists made by orders of th e Genera l Court, dated 2/12 January, 1632/3 and 2/12 January 1633/4, she was taxed twelve sh illings a nd nine shillings respectively, to be paid in corn at six shillings per bushell. [C ourt Order s, I: 10, 61.] On 1/11 July, 1633, in the orders about mowing grass, Mrs. Warren a nd Rober t Bartlett were assigned the place where they mowed the previous year, and "the mars h adjoyni ng, as high as Slowly Howse." [Court Orders, I:21.] The inventory of Godbert Godber tson, take n 24 October/3 November, 1633, mentions a debt of six shillings "To mrs Warren fo r labor." [M ayflower Descendant, I: 157.] Widow Mary Ring, in her will probated 28 October/ 7 November, 1 633, gave "unto mrs Warren one woodden cupp wth a foote as a token of my love. " + On this las t date the Court granted to Mr. Ralph Fogg a meerstead formerly granted to Ri chard Warren, bu t forfeited because not built upon, and Fogg was to pay Mrs. Warren for th e fence remaining o n it. [Court Orders, I: 35.]
      The inventory of John Thorp, taken 15/25 November, 1633, mentions a debt of Ð1, 10s., 6d . t o Mrs. Warren.+ Widow Warren's servant Thomas Williams was before the Court held 5/1 5 Ju ly , 1635, for profane and blasphemous speeches. [Court Orders, 1: 80.] On 5/15 January, 1635 /6 , she was sued by Thomas Clarke for Ð1 5 damages, for a boat loaned to her and lost in Ee l Ri ver in an extraordinary storm. The jury found for defendant, but "for other consideratio ns" , which are not mentioned in the record, they awarded Clarke thirty shillings. [Court Ord ers , I: 82.] At a general meeting about the hay grounds 14/24 March, 163 5/6, Mrs. Warren, R icha rd Church, Thomas Little and Robert Bartlett were assigned the places they had the yea r befor e. [Court Orders, I: 89.] + Mayflower Descendant, 1: 30.
      + Ibid., 1: 160. The following order of the General Court under date of 7/17 March, 1636/ 7 , is of especial interest as showing that Elizabeth Warren succeeded to her husband's righ t s as a "Purchaser", and because it is the first reference to the marriage of Robert Bartle t t and Richard Church to her daughters. Mrs. Warren's name also appears in a list of the "Pu rc hasers" found in the Court Orders, Vol. II, p. 244.
      It is agreed upon by the consent of the whole Court That Elizabeth Warren Widdow the relic t o f mr Richard Warren Deceased shalbe entred and stand and bee Purchaser instead of her sai d hu sband aswell because that (hee dying before he had prformed the said bargaine) the sai d Eliza beth prformed the same after his decease as also for the establishing of the Lotts o f land gi ven formrly by her unto her sonnes in law Richard Church Robert Bartlett and Thoma s Little i n marriage wth their wives her daughters. [Court Orders, 1: 107.] On 7/17 July, 1 637, the Co urt established the highway to Eel River. It passed west of Robert Bartlett's hou se, then wes t of Thomas Little's, east of Mrs. Warren's and east of Richard Church's. [Cour t Orders, I: 1 14.] 4/14 December, 1637, land at Eel River is confirmed to Thomas Clarke an d is to be laid o ut so as to be least prejudicial to Thomas Little, Robert Bartlett, Mrs. Wa rren and others th ere. [Court Orders, I :133.] 7/17 February, 1637/8, Mrs. Warren conveye d to John Cooke, wh o had married her daughter Sarah, land at Eel River, adjoining land she h ad formerly given Ro bert Bartlett. [Plym. Col. Deeds, I: 30.] 3/13 June, 1639, The Court o f Assistants awarded M rs. Warren ten shillings in full of all accounts between her and Mr. A ndrew Hallett. [Judicia l Acts, Pt. I, p. 8.]
      9/19 January, 1639/40, Mrs. Warren conveyed her house and eight acres of land near Wellings l y or Hobs Hole to Anthony Snow, husband of her daughter Abigail.[Plym. Col. Deeds, I : 86.]
      5/15 May, 1640, Richard Church, Robert Bartlett, Thomas Little and Mrs. Warren were grante d e nlargements at the heads of their lots to the foot of the Pine Hills. [Court Orders, I: 2 34.]
      6/16 June, 1644, Stephen Hopkins, in his will, mentions his great bull in the hands of Mrs . W arren. [Mayflower Descendant, 2: 12.] In a list dated March, 1651, of the proprietors o f th e lands belonging to the Town of Plymouth at Punckateesett, in what is now Little Compto n, R . I., Mrs. Warren's name appears, and under date of 22 March/1 April, 1663/4, she and he r so n Joseph are entered as owners of the twelfth lot there.[Plym. Town Records, I: 47, 70. ] O n 7/17 October, 1652, the following order reaffirmed the rights of Mrs. Warren as a "Pur chase r," and the rights of those to whom she had deeded land. Wheras a petition was prefere d by R obert Bartlet unto the court holden att Plymouth the 7th of october 1652 therin reques ting th at wheras sundry speeches have pased from som who pretend themselves to bee the sol e and righ t heires unto the lands on which the said Robert Bartlet now liveth att the Eelriv er in the T ownshipp of Plymouth; which hee the said Robert had bestowed on him by his Mother inlaw Mrs El izabeth Warren in Marriage with her Daughter by which said speeches and passage s the said Rob ert hath ben Dishartened in his proceeding either in building ffencing &c Th e court haveing t aken the prmises into serius consideracon and haveing serched what the cour t hath upon recor d extant; and what could bee manifested upon memory by those that then wer e cheife and had sp eciall hand in carying on and menageing the former affaires of the countr ey and doe therby fi nd that Mis Elizabeth Warren who gave the said lands unto the said Rober t and others in lik e condition had power soe to doe as being by an order of court bearing Da te March the 7th 163 7 and other actes of court before envested into the state and condicon o f a Purchaser as in t he said order is expressed; The said court doth by these presents therf ore further ratify an d confeirme the aforsaid actes of court wherby the said Elizabeth Warre n is declared to hav e right to despose of the aforsaid Lands approveing and allowing of th e above said gift of la nd unto the said Robert Bartlet and others in like condicon with hi m to bee valled to his an d theire heires and assignes for ever; [Court Orders, 111: 17] O n 7/17 March, 1652/3, Mrs. W arren became one of the purchasers of the tract of land which af terwards became the town of D artmouth.[ Plym. Col. Deeds, II: 106, 107.] 11/21 June, 1653 , Elizabeth Warren, Jane Collie r and Nathaniel Warren signed an agreement concerning lands w hich Nathaniel claimed. [Mayflow er Descendant, 2:64.]
      1/11 January, 1661/2, the marks of Mrs. Warren's horses were entered on the town records a s f ollows:
      January the first 1661 these horses were entered The markes of Mistris Elizabeth warrens hor s es are as followeth viz: one rid mare about thirteen yeares old with a white blase in her f ac e marked with two slits in the neare eare and soe the bitt cut out which marke is on the o u t side of the said eare and alsoe the said mare is branded with a P on topp of the buttock e ; 2condly a Coult of about a yeare old of the same Couller and the same marke 3dly a Bay ma r e with a black tayle and maine with a little starr in the forehead about five yeares old o f t he same mark 4ly a blackeish horse Coult with one white foot behind and a fayer starr i n hi s forehead of the same marke 5ly one young mare neare two yeare old blackish with gray h eire s of the same marke one blacke mare neare 4 yeare old with a few gray heres in her foreh ead w hich belonges to Nathaniell and Josepth Warren of the same marke as Mistris Warrens abo ve sai d and one Rid horse Coult with a white blasse downe his face of the same marke belongi ng to t he said Nathaniell and Josepth Warren; [Plym. Town Records, 1: 173.] In a record of l and nea r Manomet Ponds granted to Nathaniel Warren 27 October/6 November, 1662, land of hi s mother n earby is mentioned. [Plym. Town Records, I: 132.] In the codicil to his will, date d 16 July , 1667, Nathaniel Warren mentions his mother Elizabeth Warren, his brother Joseph W arren an d his sisters Mary Bartlett, senior, Anna Little, Sarah Cooke, Elizabeth Church an d Abigail S now. [Mayflower Descendant, 2: 39.]
      Mrs. Elizabeth Warren died at Plymouth, 2/12 October, 1673, aged above ninety years, havin g s urvived her husband forty-five years and lived to see at least seventy-five great-grandch ildr en. It seems impossible that her funeral should have been delayed for twenty-two days, a nd i t is probable that there is an error in the record of her death, which follows:- Mistri s Eliz abeth Warren an aged widdow aged above 90 yeares Deceased on the second of October 167 3 who e haveing lived a Godly life Cam to her Grave as a shok of Corn fully Ripe shee was hon oralbe y buried on the 24th No will, or inventory of her estate, is known, the only record co ncernin g the settlement of the estate being an order of the General Court dated 4/14 March , 1673/4 , as follows: Mary Bartlett the wife of Robert Bartlett Came into this Court and own ed that s hee hath received full satisfaction for whatsoever shee might Claime as Due from th e estate o f Mistris Elizabeth Warren Deceased; and John Cooke in the behalfe of all her sist ers testify ed the same before the Court; and the Court Doth heerby settle the remainder of t he said esta te on Joseph Warren to bee by him Injoyed without further mollestation or Distur bance from an y of them. [Court Orders, V: 97.]
      Children of RICHARD and ELIZABETH (-) WARREN:
      2. i. MARY2 WARREN, born in England. (b. abt.) 1610, md. about 1628
      3. ii. ANNA2 WARREN, born in England, about 1612. m. Thomas Little
      4. iii. SARAH2 WARREN, born in England. md. John2 Cooke
      5. iv. ELIZABETH2 WARREN, born in England. md. Richard Church
      6. v. ABIGAIL2 WARREN, born in England. md. Anthony Snow
      7. vi. NATHANIEL2 WARREN, born at Plymouth, in 1624 or 1625. md.
      8. vii. JOSEPH2 WARREN, born at Plymouth, in 1626 or early in 1627. md. From Ancestral File ( TM), data as of 2 January 1996.

      Richard Warren appears to have been a merchant, who resided in London, and became associate d with the Pilgrims and the Mayflower through the Merchant Adventurers. Richard Warren parti cipated in several of the early explorations made by the Pilgrims in 1620, while looking fo r a place to settle. He appears by land records to have been fairly well-to-do.

      When he came over on the Mayflower, he left behind his wife and five daughters, planning to h ave them sent over after things were more settled in the Colony. His wife and daughters arri ved in America in 1623, on the ship Anne.

      Nathaniel Morton wrote in his book New England's Memorial, first published in 1669, the follo wing about Richard Warren:

      This year [1628] died Mr. Richard Warren, who was an useful instrument and during his life ba re a deep share in the difficulties and troubles of the first settlement of the Plantation o f New Plymouth.

      Richard Warren is an ancestor to many famous Americans. Among them are Presidents Ulysses S . Grant and Franklin D. Roosevelt; and Alan B. Shepard, Jr., the first American in space an d fifth man to walk on the moon. A published lineage showing Winston Churchill as a descenda nt of Richard Warren has a questionable generation and is most likely in error. However, Win ston Churchill does appear to be a descendant of Mayflower passenger John Howland's brother A rthur.